A dish of Greek olives

Greek Olives

A meze spread without a plate of olives would be incomplete. The olive is native to Greece, sacred to Athena, and—once you find a good source, which is not hard to do these days—one of the simplest things you can serve. A piece of feta on the plate is nice too. The puckered-skinned black salt-cured olives are my favorite, and then there are the kalamatas, of course, meaty and delicious.

In Greece, olives are everywhere and you just eat whatever’s local, however someone has cured it. If you’d like to cure your own, that’s possible too. Lots of web lore for that. And I have to take this opportunity to say that I once knew a fairly famous (American) chef who cured her olives in Drano, and it worked pretty well. Not that I’m recommending that.


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