I may as well admit to loving—well, at least appreciating—the Internet. Here’s where I’d go in search of Greek travel information, food inspiration/recipes, or a radio station to play.


GREECE TRAVEL: Matt Barrett’s Guides to Greece

This is the index site for all of Matt Barrett’s Greek travel sites. Matt has been traveling in Greece since 1968 and compiling this information online since 1996. His site contains a wealth of good, functional travel information and inspiration as well as beautiful photos, Greek history, and lots more.


My Little Expat Kitchen

Magda from Greece lives in the Netherlands. Her blog features beautiful food photos and good traditional Greek recipes along with international ones.

History of Greek Food

Based in Athens and Chania, Crete, Mariana Kavroulaki specializes in Greek food history and the sociology of Greek eating habits. She recreates historical banquets and develops food events.

Organically Cooked

Also from Chania, via New Zealand, Maria Verivakis started out her blog with local Cretan recipes and gradually developed it into a place for sharing stories of her Greek family and friends by talking about the food they eat.

Sweet Almond Tree

Ana from Philadelphia writes about Greek cooking (mostly). The recipes are good.

Souvlaki for the Soul

A Greek/Australian photographer and foodie international shares beautiful photographs and recipes. The Greek recipes and photos of food look good.


E-Radio Greece—The Hellenic Radio Portal

This takes you to all the Greek radio stations, live, online. I hit the “Greek Laiko” button and it sounds just like Greece to me.

Rebetiko—A Brief History by Ed Emery

This is exactly what it says it is, a brief, succinct history. Ed Emery also wrote and translated a lot of very good Wiki information on rebetika.


Meis Studio

If you’ve been in Greece anytime in the last twenty years and stopped to look at postcards or posters, you’ve probably seen Georges Meis’s photos. The opening photo on this site is his, copied from a postcard, and a print of it has hung in my kitchen for years now, so I guess it should be clear that I love it. And although that particular print doesn’t seem to be available any longer, lots of other beautiful photos are.