Photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen

Persephone Offers Fruit to Triptolemus

Seasonal Menus

The foods of the seasons remind us where and when we are, even, in a way, who and what we are. I wanted to offer a few menu suggestions here, just as an example of how seasonal Greek meals are.

Greek food celebrates a way of life that has been cultivated and cherished for thousands of years, that we still appreciate and enjoy today. In that spirit, I wish you all many, many happy meals and hope that some of them will be Greek.

Photo by Ronald Saunders


1. Olives, Skordalia, Fresh Bread

2. Butternut Squash MoussakaHorta

3. Walnut Cake

Photo by Robert Wallace


1. Tiropita

2. KeftedesGigantes Plaki

3. Rizogolo

Photo by Robert Wallace


1. Tzatziki

2. CalamariBraised Artichokes and Peas

3. Butter Cookies

Photo by Ronald Saunders


1. Horiatiki (Greek Salad)

2. YemistaHorta

3. Loukoumades