Welcome / Καλώς Ορίσατε / Kalos Orisate

Welcome to Anoíxi Means Open, the website for Lorin Piper’s book about Greece and all other Greek-related dithyrambling.

George Seferis, Nobel Laureate poet, wrote the famous and often-quoted line, “Wherever I go, Greece wounds me.” To people who know what it is to love Greece and be away from it, no explanation is necessary.

Over the years, Greece has fascinated me, hummed to me, inspired me, and made me homesick for it until finally it’s soaked right through me, made me part of it, and the wound of missing it is gone. What’s left is a sense of having known the fullness of that world, how it has resonated in my life, how it continues to resonate.

Here you’ll find some of my favorite things Greek (and what I have to say about them), including but not limited to: books or articles about Greece or by Greeks, food and recipes, music, and photos, as well as places to visit and links to other helpful or interesting or beautiful stuff.